seven the days long gone
seven the days long gone
seven the days long gone
seven the days long gone
seven the days long gone
seven the days long gone



about the game

Seven is a Thief-inspired, 3D isometric RPG,
in which you take on the role of a lone traveller.
You’re going to explore a nonlinear, sandbox world
- the Empire of Vetrall.

Classic isometric gameplay is going to be redefined.
We have created a parkour climbing system that
gives you the ability of free-traversing obstacles,
of any height, horizontally and vertically.

The quests take place in a "beyond post-apocalyptic"
environment created by the minds behind
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. You can expect difficult
moral choices with unforeseen consequences.
More to come soon.





​1. Who develops this game? 
IMGN.PRO and Fool’s Theory are both Co-developers of Seven: The Days Long Gone. Additionaly IMGN.PRO as a publisher is also self publishing the game. 

2. Is the Pre-Alpha version you showcased available somewhere for download?
Nope, however you can find and check out Seven during many upcoming gaming events. 

3. Who is the blue genie? 
He's a Deamon calling itself Artanak. It has a task for you which sees you travel to Peh, a dangerous and wild prison island under the control of the Vetrall empire.  Your paths crossed when Teriel (that's the main character) agreed to take on a dangerous job. When he was agreeing to this he had no idea there was a catch – you get a demon companion put in your head for the road.

4. Can I change the name of my character?
Yes you can.

5. How can you customise your character? 
Our character system is fully modular so you will be able to pick your body build, race, hair collor, gender etc. 

6. How can I develop the character? 
You choose your own playstyle – you can go more into sneaking, and play like a hitman or you can rely more on the combat skills and focus more on close combat. 
On top of that you have ranged weapons, so a ranger playstyle is also available and don't forget the magic – really there are multiple possibilities of which way you decide to go.

7. Will I play as a single character or there is an option of forming a party?
You play our game as a lonely thief (well with a deamon to keep you company) but no party forming.

8. Will there be fast travel option?
Yes, we plan on adding fast travel.

9. Are there going to be voice overs? 
Yes, we plan to do english voiceovers for the whole game.

10. Release date? 
To early to talk about this. For now I can say: "When it's done".

11. Platforms? 
PC for sure, as for other platforms we will see, we most definately are open for all options.

12. Multiplayer? 
Nope, at least not now.

13. Technical requirements? 
It's too early to say

14. Crafting? 
Yes, altough crafting is not yet implemented in the pre-alfa demo, we do have an idea for it – in the end you play as a thief so you should have an option to utilise the items you stole.

15. Economy 
I can sum-up our economy with one sentence: "One mans trash is anothers man treasure". It is your task to decide which item is the most important to you at this time.     
In certain situations you will find yourself hunting empty glass bottles, that you dismissed couple of times before, only because you found an alchemist who desparately needs them. 
You will talk with people and learn what they need, then explore and acquire (by any means necessary) those items.  

16. Will I be able to zoom the camera in?
We’re still discussing the possibilities, but for now our camera has fixed distances for specific situations (combat, dialogue etc). 

17. Can I rotate the gameplay camera 360 degree?
Yes you can.

18. Combat 
We aim to make the combat challanging and rewarding at the same time. It will be hard to fight with three or more guys at the same time, but its not impossible. With proper preparation, skill and gear you will be able to overcome unfavourable odds.

19. I’ve seen the pre-alpha gameplay video and was wondering about the weird respawn in place system.
“Respawn on the spot” was implemented only for the pre-alpha showcase build. In full game you will have a checkpoint system, and upon death the world will be reset to the last checkpoint you saved at.

20. Will I be able to do backstabs and dropkills?
Yes, altough not yet visible in the pre-alpha gameplay footage, you will be able to perform all kinds of nasty tricks on your enemies.
21. Will I have to sneak a lot?
No, we dont plan on forcing the player to do a lot of sneaking. Even though you play as a thief, we dont really restrict the player in ways of how you will play. 

22. Will I be able to sneak a lot?
Yes, you can slink from bush to bush, throughout the whole game if this is your desire. We want to give you the oportunity to choose the path you feel is the most natural to you.

23. Monsters 
World of Seven and especially Peh is infested with all kinds of monsters - some of them natural, some a product of biological experiments performed by the Biomancers.

24. Magic 
Magic is present in the world of Seven, so if you are aiming for some fireball flinging action, you are in for a treat.

25. The World 
It's a world that’s outlived the end of an advanced civilisation. Humanity has fought its way into a second medieval period. In this era a man named of Drugun has been born, who saw value in scavenging feared Ancients artefacts and using it to his own ends. Powers  granted to him by the artefacts he discovered allowed him to estabilish the most powerfull empire of the new world called Vetrall.

26. Freedom of choice 
We plan to give the player as much freedom as we can – so branching quests and open world exploration will play a big role in our gameplay

27. Open world 
Peh is one huge island - basically from the moment you start the game proper you land in one big instance and can go whichever direction you want. The monsters and soldiers guarding the way are a different matter alltogether.

28. Reputation system 
There are multiple factions living in Peh, all of them with their own enemies and friends. Cross too many of them and you might find yourself in a tight spot with a bounty on your head.

29. Factions in game 
Main populace of the Peh island consists of the indebted who had been shipped there to repay their debt towards the Vetrall empire. The crimes they commited vary and as always in those situations, not all of them are actual criminals – just regular people who managed to step on someone's powerfull toes. 
The slaves are and island's everyday life is administered by two main organisations who are tasked with enforcing Emperor's will – the Technomagi and the Biomancers. 
The first are tasked with uncovering and studying of the Ancients artefacts. They are also the soldiers who protect its borders and cities. 
Second faction – the Biomancers are like a crossover between a church and a hospital. They study the limits of the human body and delve into not so ethical experiments in order to boost Vetrall soldiers powers and understand better the magical potential of the human kind.


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